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Vijay Rathinasamy
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Antarctic Adventures!Eskimo Test
The beginning scene. You have to complete each of the 6 tasks successfully to advance, and once you've completed task #3, there's no turning back! N.B. The dog's name is Doug Smiles.
There is a big gap in the middle. You start in the Great Box in the Sky. You have to press a switch to escape. From there on, you have to use your shoes and timing to clear the gap. Of course, after opening the door, you have to use the only available platforms in the gap to get into the hole. If you're lucky, you can transform all enemies into gold coins!
Freefall Bonus
This is the only bonus I have made. You have to "pay" the boothster 5 happies to enter. Once you're in, you can grab the bonuses using the shoes you have. The exit is at the bottom.
Cave Switch
The terrain is mostly cave. Of course, there are switches, enemies, and HAPPIES to add. The safespot is in the cabin. There are 2 exits; one gives you time, the other gives you more!
Overground Maze
You only have to save 2 happylanders, there's only one enemy, and the maze is full of gifts! Perhaps this could be a budding bonus?
Find That Switch!
You can almost see the fury Doug has to go through to get to the next level! There are many hearts in case Doug gets hits, and potions to prevent that! The objective: find that switch!
Here's to Scandinavia! This is based on the scenery of Greenland at winter at the beginning of sunrise. There's also a tower, a big switchsign that displays the level's name, and a bonus store! That is the reason I created this map first!
A refinement of the old Winterland. What else can I say?
Altsy Escy!
It's time to say goodbye, and what better way than using "Have Xmas" as the BGM for this level? Includes the warp technique I learned from the Xmas edition of this game, all 26 species of Happylander, and "dozens of switches, and only one is authentic!" (Hint: Each switch has an item on top. Find the odd one out.)
Jure The King
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ICE Tube,Twin ValleyICE-v1.5.MAP...
ICE 2-v1.5.MAP...
ICE 3-v1.5.MAP...
ICE 4-v1.5.MAP...
Twin 2.MAP...
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